WSJ: Verizon to Offer Unlimited Data for the iPhone

The Wall Street Journal reports that Verizon will offer future iPhone users unlimited data for just $30 per month. Currently, AT&T only offers two data plans: 200MB or 2GB per month ($15 and $25 respectively), which can be very tight for heavy downloaders.

Verizon won’t have any problem selling iPhones to existing customers, but courting AT&T users could be tricky—unless Big Red can offer something AT&T doesn’t. Users who plan on using their iPhone for data-intensive applications—like WiFi tethering or Netflix streaming—should seriously consider the benefits of an unlimited data package.

As noted by the WSJ, Verizon has repeatedly mentioned that the industry needs to move toward a tiered pricing structure, so it’s unknown how long an unlimited plan will be offered.

[Wall Street Journal]

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