iTunes Turns 10 Today

While the tenth version of iTunes may have been available since September, today marks iTunes’ tenth birthday.

iTunes 1

The screenshot shows off the very first version of iTunes. iTunes 1.0 was exclusive to Mac OS 9, and it offered forward thinking features like storing an unlimited amount of music, and even a music visualizer.

The actual roots of iTunes, though, lie in a program called SoundJam MP. The developers of this program were hired by Apple, and they joined the team that created iTunes 1.0. TUAW has a fantastic look at the major versions of iTunes, from 1.0 to 7.0 (it’s a bit of an old post).

It’s interesting to see how far iTunes has come, from the simple days of being exclusive to Mac OS 9 to today, where iTunes 10 is available for Mac OS X, and even for Windows.

Happy birthday, iTunes! Here’s to making your Windows version actually useful this year!

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