CES 2011: Custom Earbuds in 4 Minutes

The typical process for custom headphones involves visiting an audiologist who can cast a custom earmold.  The mold is sent off to the headphone company that then use the mold to create custom earpieces.  The process can take several weeks and cost $300-$400, plus the audiology appointment.  Sonomax Technologies takes the time, and some of the expense out of the process.  The consumer can buy an ear mold injection kit at a retailer for $199.  After some instruction the user places the headset in his or her ears until comfortable.  The set takes 2 minutes to inflate and inject silicone into the earpieces.  2 minutes later the silicon hardens and you have custom over the ear headphones.  The system will be available in the spring.  The system won an Innovations Design and Showcase Award.  They were finalists for Last Gadget Standing, I-Stage and Popular Science Product of the Future Award Winner.

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