Steve Jobs Parody Twitter Account Under Scrutiny

In effort to curb online deception, California recently passed a law criminalizing online impersonations with up to a year in jail and/or $1,000 fine. The @ceoSteveJobs Twitter account has been pegged as an offender, and the user behind the famous account has been forced to make the satirical nature more clear.

Twitter has asked pseudo-Jobso to alter the name of the account—as well as the URL, bio, and avatar—to make it even more obvious to the slow-witted websurfer that he isn’t actually Cupertino’s head honcho.

The account’s bio has already been changed to “More than meets the i. As you should expect from a parody account.” in accordance with Twitter’s policy, but it seems the user behind the account wants to battle it out until the end in order to keep the magic alive.

“Most parody doesn’t blatantly label itself. That takes away the fun and the magic of it. If @bpglobalpr had been @fakebp, it wouldn’t have caught on nearly as fast and might never have been as funny. Once you got the joke, the fact that it felt like it was really coming from BP made it all the funnier.”


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