CES 2011: Day One Fun

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Livio Radio Dock

The Livio Radio dock for all iOS devices allows you to enjoy and share 45,000 Internet radio stations, apps, video and photos to your TV or audio system, remote included.

Speck Card Case

Following in the footsteps of case-mate, Speck is offering their own case to hold an ID or credit card, the Speck Card Case.

Speck Flip Case

Like it’s other cases, Speck’s new iPhone 4 Flip case offers a hinged case that flips back for easy docking.


One of the drawbacks of the Otterbox cases has always been the inability to dock and use third party chargers.  Today they are announcing the Reflex case.  It has the usual combo of TPE rubber and polycarbonate case in one piece, but it now has a slide off section for easy docking.  It will retail for $44.95.  Unfortunately a release date is not available for the iPhone 4 case.

The Reflex Series is ready to respond in any situation. This case takes polycarbonate and rubber to the next level. Surrounding the device with a cushion of air, the case flexes upon impact and rebounds to its original form. Inspired by the crumple zone of a car, this case not only takes a hit, it recoils and springs back, ready to protect again and again. Snap apart the two halves for quick and easy docking access.


New silicone megaphone increases sound by 13 decibels.  It’s made of all natural silicone, has no electric or moving parts, making it durable, washable and transportable.

Nano Watch

Rib Cage iPad Case

HyperMac External HDD for iPad

HyperMac is showcasing an external USB hard drive for the iPad.  You can copy photos, video and HD movies on the rechargeable device, then view them on your iPad.  It requires the Apple camera connection kit.  It takes SD cards, and you can browse and manage files on the built in LCD screen.  It is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.

So if you take a lot of photos, or want to transfer big videos to the iPad without waiting forever to sync, it could be useful.  It retails for $249.

Luxmobile and Escher Cases

Luxmobile cases are being showcased.  These Garibaldi cases are available in cloth, silk, and leather and are available online at Best Buy from $24.99 (iPhone) to $39.99 (iPad).

The Escher cases will be available soon.


To showcase their new relief stickers for iPad cases, Ozaki displayed their case with Bill Gate’s pic.  It is not available to consumers but other designs include wings, skulls, lions, various frills and hearts.  Price unknown, unless you’re a wholesaler.

iPad Joysticks

Ten 1 Design is promoting their game controller for iPad.  They are two silicon pads that can be placed anywhere and reduce finger friction.  They are ideal for games like Meteor Blast, Nova, Megaworm and others.  They retail for $24.95 on Ten1Design.com.

VentureCraft Headphone Amp

The Go-Dap by VentureCraft is a headphone amp and docking cradle for the iPhone 3G/3GS.  It offers a sound boost of 300 mW with very little distortion, while doubling your iPhone’s battery life.  It sells for $199 on go-dap.com and an all digital amp for the iPhone 4 is coming soon. It doubles the bulk of your phone, but if you are listening in a noisy locale, like a bullet train in its native Japan, you may find it worth the bulk and price.


CableJive provides a line of useful cables and dock accessories.  Their duraSync cable has a lifetime warranty against breakage and fraying.  The iStubz are short sync cables of 7cm or 22cm lengths, and their xlSync is 6.5 feet long.  They also make a male to female cable and dock extender for docking with bulky cases.

Microvision SHOWWX

The Microvision Showwx+ is a new laser pico projector.  It uses a 2 hour replaceable battery or a DC adapter.  A separate VGA dock can be purchased to project from your computer. It costs $399.  It works great even with minimal ambient light and the picture never loses focus, even as you move the picture in and out. Maximum image in a dark environment is 100 inches.  Gaming on it was impressive as the picture didn’t distort or go out of focus whatsoever.  It is compatible with all iOS devices.

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