CES: Live photos from Ballmer’s CES Keynote

6:11 PM: The screen is flashing highlights from last year’s keynote, including a performance by Katy Perry and the trailer for Halo Reach. Anticipation is high as everyone eagerly awaits the newest announcement from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Over 80 tablets are reported to be released at CES this year, and a Windows 7 tablet may be revealed.

This post will be updated with live images from the CES Keynote.

“Stream of consciousness” coverage of the event after the jump:

Shapiro, pres of CEA
At CES this year:
2700 companies
$186 billion industry
20,000 new products to be introduced
26 associations 20 topics
New initiative: tech enthusiast membership
Innovation movement, free trade spectrum policies

CEO since 2000
Integrated platform beyond PCs
This year: Windows 7 office 2010 Kinect
Tv/xbox, windows phone
Windows Pc

Gaming xbox
Halo, gears of War, Fable
Xbox y, cloud, social entertainment revolution
Expanded xbox live
2 months ago, Kinect for xbox 360

New 360:
Amazon 41/2 stars
Nyt, fortune accolades

Control all entertainment with Kinect
Ron forbes from entertainment division
Zune on xbox 360
1080p, surround sound instantly
Voice control of trailers, featured movies, swipe to the next one
Resume or restart with voice control

Music on xbox/zune. 11million songs
Swipe to next song, plays video automatically

Announce: Kinect for Netflix controller free

Hulu+ subscription service later this spring

In Nov 2010 ESPN3 and espn.com
Watched rose bowl live and trash talk on tv
Live sports and social experiences
Espn will carry bcs
Friends leader board

Virtual ballmer through Kinect
Including facial expressions, smile, eyebrows, hand gestures
Avatar Kinect
This spring, free to xbox gold members

30 million current members
New member joins every 2 seconds
Xbox 360 #1 every month last 6 months
50 million units worldwide
Said 5 million in holidays
8 million worldwide in 60 days

Xbox has hub of living room
Games, tv, social interaction

Xbox live on windows 7 phone
Avatars, social, game franchises
Fable coming
Fable coin golf
Gold shared across platform, acievements
Games coming:
Halo fruit ninja monopoly soccer need for speed star wars:cantina centipede pacman

Could we simplify common tasks
As more apps are released, can it still be easy and fast

Launched 9 phones, 60 operators, 30 countries

5500+ apps available
100 new apps every 24 hours
20,000+ devs registered
9 out of 10 recommend to others

Updates coming:
Copy and paste
App performance faster loading
Sprint and Verizon by June

Liz Sloan.- 7 things
1.Camera: pocket to picture in seconds. Dedicated camera button, even when screen is locked
Instantly share

2. Glance and go: lock screen info, start screen live tiles, fb updates live, countdowns, alarms, appointments

3. Voice search: uses location, completes search, nearby attractions

4. Dedicated Bing button: instant answers not links

5. Hubs: office hub with one note, docs, cloud syncs, pin notes to start screen

6. Apps: BoA, Amazon, Fandango

7.xbox live on the phone

Windows PC
Fastest selling pcs ever
windows 7 20% of all pcs
20 million using ie9

Windows live 500 million users

Mike Angiulo about windows 7
Gpu: Intel CPU and graphics on same chip uses less power
Acer dual screen Pc, software keyboard
Samsung Pc 1 kilo, no fan, pass
Asus tablet, wireless keyboard, pen with ink, move ink not screen, gorilla glass, electromagnetic, fused, less power
Order now

Microsoft surface 4 inches thin
Pixel sense
Infrared sensors
Each pixel a camera
Table or kiosk
Vision based interaction, scans and recognizes flyer
20 fingers at once

Next version of windows Inc AMD and ARM
Nvidia qualcomm ti ARM
X86 still supported

Width breadth flexibility

Next for Windows
System on Chip
Platform support
Card sized motherboard by intel
Works with current products/compatibility

Qualcomm snapdragon
Windows running natively on ARM

Word native for ARM, current off the shelf printer
Tegra by TI

“Whatever device you use, now or in the future, windows will be there”

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