Next Gen iPhone Parts Caught on Video?

Global Direct Parts has seemingly gotten their hands on the chassis and guts of the next iPhone, and put together a detailed 5 minute video studying the components. Whether this is the iPhone 5 or the Verizon iPhone 4 is unknown. (Though a VZW iPhone 4 is more likely, due to the design.)

The casing is very similar to the current model, with a few small changes—which may be fixes for the antenna issue.

We have carefully examined and scrutinized these components and have confirmed 100% that these are born from an Apple iPhone not yet released. Could it be parts for the CDMA Apple iPhone 5 for Verizon Wireless or simply a reworked Next Generation Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 4 for AT&T that will be released ahead of Apple’s Traditional June Launch? Perhaps these parts belong to an Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Version that will be released on Verizon Wireless Only?

The iPhone 5 isn’t due out for at least five more months, so the chances of this being a major hardware revision are slim. AT&T just announced plans to roll out their LTE network by mid-2011, listing Apple as one of the vendors who will be releasing a 4G compatible device.


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