What Could Have Been

The phrase “should’ve bought Apple” is more common now than ever before, thanks to their rocketing share price. There was no way to know that the company would ever become so incredibly successful, especially considering their shoddy history.

But what if you had spent your hard-earned money on Apple stock, instead of shiny new Apple products? Well, that MacBook you bought last year would have netted you over $1,000, and that original iPod that you had to have would now be worth more than $11,000.

Check out the source for a comprehensive list of all your lost hopes and dreams, starting with the 1997 Power Mac G3 (which, by the way, would have paid for grad school).

To ease your pains, just be thankful that you aren’t this guy, the lesser-known third Apple co-founder who sold his 10% stake in the company for a measly $800—nothing compared to the $30 billion it would be worth today.


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