Ngmoco to Shutdown *Wars MMO Games

Ngmoco, the publisher behind many popular games on the App Store including Godfinger, Eliminate, Rolondo and more, has announced that they will be shutting down four of their freemium MMO titles: Epic Pet Wars, Epic Chef Wars, Epic Crime Wars, and Titan Wars.

The games have been removed from the App Store, and existing users will no longer be able to play after January 16th. Considering that MMORPGs require players to sink many hours—and real money—into them, it will be a shame to see everything just vanish.

Due to the volatile nature of mobile apps, developers of online-only applications may have to rethink long-term strategies for keeping services up and running. The App Store provides no guarantee that applications will be usable indefinitely, and while shutting down a game won’t have a terrible amount of blowback, disabling essential business applications may ruffle some feathers—especially now that mobile devices are becoming deeply integrated in our lives.


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