App Review: Camera+

Camera+ (iTunes link), developed by tap tap tap, is on sale for just $0.99 USD. After being absent from the App Store since the Easter-egg incident, which was quite a while ago, Camera+ is back with version 2.0 and is better than ever. Its ease of use and variety of features make it arguably one of the best camera applications out there. Read on to see how I put Camera+ to the test in my short story/review.


One of the most popular decorations during the holidays are the lights, so I thought “What better way to test out Camera+ than to take a walk and snap some pictures of the lights around the park?”  I arrived at the park and decided I would take pictures with both the stock app and Camera+ and then do a comparison of the quality of the pictures later on. I was sure that if I used the stock Camera app, blurry photos would be taken because my hands were literally freezing cold and the ground was very uneven. However, no worries with Camera+, as it offers an awesome “Stabilizer” feature that will not take the picture until the camera is completely steady, making sure that you don’t need to continuously take pictures just so you can get maybe one decent photo. The grid really helps line everything up so you don’t have any crooked photos either. These features proved very useful to me, as I could proudly show off to my friends that I had no blurry or crooked pictures like they did. The app also features a 5x zoom which I’ve heard many claim to be pretty awesome, and you can easily toggle the exposure by simply sliding your finger up or down on the screen before you snap the picture.

Afterwards, I took a look at the photos I took using Camera+ and the Camera app, and I was most impressed with the pictures Camera+ took; the Stabilizer featured definitely paid off and I was pretty happy. I went to edit some of the photos and was very impressed with the number of ways available to edit your photos, such as:

  • Scenes
    • Makes it look like the picture was taken in a certain scene, such as: night, beach, concert, flash (useful for iPod Touch owners), and quite a few more.
  • Crops
    • Allows you to “cut out” the part of the picture you want. You can use the freeform crop by dragging the corners and sides of the box, or you can use one of the few included presets.
  • Effects
    • There are 36 available effects, and they are divided into four categories: Color, Retro, Special, and I Love Analog. This is one of my most used types of editing.
  • Borders
    • I don’t particularly use this feature a lot, but some of you might. It simply adds a border of your choice to your picture, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Next, I picked a picture of a beautifully lighted tree, auto adjusted the scene, added the ‘70s effect and cropped it to my liking. It is extremely easy to edit the photos and, with the variety of effects, the possibilities are endless. I should note that all the effects are free, except for one category named: “I love analog”, which is an in-app purchase at only $0.99. If you want to edit a picture from your camera roll, you can easily import any picture in your photo library to the Camera+ Lightbox for easy editing. Once you’re finished, you can also share your pictures via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr right from the app.

Score: ★★★★★

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

I am really fond of the user interface of this application. The photos you take are displayed on film-like strips in the “Lightbox” that can be easily scrolled through. Once you tap the picture you want, a little pop-up menu becomes visible, giving you quite a few options; you can save the pictures to the camera roll, share them via various social networks, edit them, delete them, or view the information about the photo (i.e. time, date, place, what effects where used, et cetera).  The only problem some users may have is getting used to where certain effects are. I was a little confused at where everything was at first and how everything works, but the more you use it the easier it will be. All the graphics are well done and nothing looks out of place.

Score: ★★★★½

Reuse Value

If you’re someone who likes taking using your iPhone or iPod touch for a lot of picture taking, I guarantee that once you start using Camera+, the harder it will be to go back to ever tapping that stock Camera icon again. You don’t even have to sync them to your computer to edit them; you can do that directly from the app. I mean, who doesn’t want an awesome camera application bundled with endless possibilities of editing the pictures you take? There is a downside though. Camera+ doesn’t take video, so this app isn’t a perfect replacement of the stock app yet. Hopefully we will see this feature implemented very soon.

Score: ★★★★½

Value For Money

For the sale price of $0.99 (limited time only), this app is most definitely worth it. For $0.99 (or the price whenever the sale stops) you get an awesome camera app bundled with a photo editor.  Even when the sale ends and the price goes back up, it will be worth every penny spent on it. Yes, there are free alternatives out there, but nothing gets as good as Camera+. I have yet to find an app that allows a such a wide range of editing options, and awesome camera features such as the Stabilizer.

Score: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Camera+ provided me with awesome features that the stock app couldn’t. It does three simple things, yet the possibilities are endless. I recommend purchasing Camera+. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Overall Score: 5 Stars

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