Verizon Acquires,

9to5Mac got a tip, stating that Verizon has acquired two domain names ( and that would seem to suggest the carrier is about to welcome Apple’s smartphone to their arsenal.

According to 9to5Mac:

Although this is not confirmation for the rumored Verizon iPhone, it looks like Verizon Wirelessmay have recently acquired the domain names and The domain names appear to have been originally registered through GoDaddy to Jack Benton then later transferred to the Mark Monitor domain service. Benton owns the domain names and and judging by the those site designs being the same as’s design, he was the one who transferred or sold the Verizon iPhone domain to Verizon.

Basically, a man by the name of Jack Benton owned the two sites, which match the layout of and However, it seems Verizon has swooped in and purchased the two domain names.

The information provided for both and match other Verizon-owned domains. As we’ve seen with some failbr3aks, domain name information can be faked, so this isn’t set in stone quite yet. It does seem odd that Verizon would register a domain like this with their own information, considering how secretive Apple normally is about high-profile product launches. In other words, continue to take this with your daily helping of salt.

This isn’t necessarily indicative of when the iPhone will be launching; it could be at CES, or it could be in 2012. And, as 9to5Mac points out,

Verizon could also be scooping up potential brand infringing domains like Bank of America owns

The URL still forwards to Jack Benton’s website, possibly so that Verizon can fly under the radar.

Update: After some further digging, this all went down in 2008, but has only recently been discovered. So, this may not be as sensational as it would seem. Still, what does Verizon want with these domains?


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