Rumored iPad 2 Cases Pulled from Web

Alibaba, an international trade business that has been known to carry cases for products that do not yet exist, has been asked by a “legitimate” source to cease selling the supposed cases for the iPad 2.

It’s unclear what the specific objection was to the listings on Alibaba, and who the overzealous merchants that posted them are. The companies listed southern China phone numbers in their profiles, suggesting they’re based there. A man who answered the phone at one of the companies, called Fullchance Industrial Co., claimed that it works with Hon Hai Precision Industry and said Fullchance possesses firsthand material regarding the features of a new iPad, making the design of their case “extremely accurate.”

It’s unknown who asked Alibaba to remove the listings, but considering that the site complied, it is very possible that it was either Apple or an iPad hardware manufacturer—which indicates that the case designs are accurate.

The cases in question have openings for a rear camera and possibly a wide-range speaker.


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