Today’s the Day for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Many people are waking up today hungover, tired or maybe bloated from holiday excesses.  Perhaps after their heads clear a bit, they’ll remember today is January 1st, the day to start keeping their New Year’s resolutions.   Two-thirds of the population don’t bother even making resolutions, but for those who do, the most popular choice for self-improvement is weight loss or getting fit, and fitness app devs are eager to push their wares.

The makers of RunKeeperPro are now offering their app, regularly $9.99 and never discounted, for free through January.  I first reported on this app back in November, with a follow-up after my real life experience.  It tracks your time, distance, splits and pace while sending updates to your friends via Facebook.  It also allows for customized workouts and iPod integration.  It works with the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running iOS 3.0 or later.  However, the mapping and update functions would only work with the iPhone unless you somehow manage to run within a wifi hotspot.

Running like crazy doesn’t help if you’re consuming too many calories.  For dieting and weight loss, check out the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app.  It has a large database of foods and allows for tracking of nutrients, weight and body measurement as well as calories.  It works offline and there is no account sign-up necessary.  It is $3.99 and compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or later.

My resolution is to stop checking my email, Facebook, Twitter or various websites on my iPhone every 3 minutes. I don’t think there’s an app for that.

Check after the jump for screenshots.


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