Create a Custom Facebook Profile Design

After Facebook introduced the new profile layout, swarms of creative users began to mold it to their advantage, starting with this design by artist Alexandre Oudin. Recreating it for your own profile can be tricky since it has to be pixel perfect, but now, there is an “App for That”.

The unimaginatively named Custom Facebook Profile app automagically crops and uploads a photo of your choice to Facebook, creating an instant mosaic profile. It’s free, so if you don’t have Photoshop or an aptitude for manipulating pixels, give it a try.

Use any image to customize your Facebook profile.

Easy to use, one step customization.

Automatically crops image and uploads photos to Facebook.

NOTE: This app requires several extended Facebook permissions to function properly. We do not access any of your data and use these permissions for the sole purpose of uploading images to your Facebook account.


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