Indie Sale Raises $25k, Canabalt Now Open Source

Canabalt, the extremely popular endless-running game for iOS, has gone open source in celebration of the Indie iPhone Holiday Sale’s success. The charity, which features 7 indie games for $.99, has raised over $25,000 (and counting) for children in need.

First I wanted to explain why we would do such a thing.  First and foremost, the holiday charity fundraising effort in which we are participating, the Indie iPhone Holiday Sale, raised over $25,000 so far for Child’s Play, a wonderful organization that helps bring games and toys to children in hospitals around the world.

Going open source is a huge move for any game—especially a successful one like Canabalt. The developers have released the most up-to-date revision of the code (including the engine) under the MIT license. In a nutshell, developers can “copy-paste our engine code (any of the Flixel stuff, which is most of the good stuff anyways), and even sell it on the App Store, but you can’t distribute or redistribute our game code, art or sounds“.

If you want to help out the cause, the charity will continue until January 2nd. CanabaltSolipskierSpider: The Secret of Bryce ManorOsmosEliss, and Drop7 are all participating.

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