iRetiner GUI Simplifies Optimizing Icons to One Click

A month ago I reported on the Cydia release of iRetiner. It allows the user to optimize App Store icons for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G retina display. However, it required the use of MobileTerminal and the user had to SSH into the device file structure to run the batch icon update.  Users unfamiliar with the process may have passed on the opportunity to improve their icons.

iRetiner GUI, now available in the Cydia store, enables the less-technically inclined to perform the tweak with just one click.  The app is free and once installed merely asks the user to “Adapt Icons to Retina Display.”  The user also has the one click option to revert to the original icons if they are not satisfied or experience conflicts.  The tweak interfered with my theme and returned an error.

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