Retro iPhone Cases

There is something about squared off edges, bright colors, and constant breakage that makes retro gear oddly appealing. Being able to see underneath the shell at what really makes the technology tick is fascinating, like the magnetic tape in a cassette or the physical roll of film in a camera. Nowadays, information is secured in microscopic chips obscured from the user.

Going out and buying a Walkman to relive the wonder isn’t really a feasible option anymore, but these two cases come mighty close to bringing back this childlike sense of awe. (Or, at the very least, make you look hip.)

First up is the $20 Cassette case from iCovers4U. It’s a standard silicon slip-on that makes your iPhone 4 look just like a compact cassette. Luckily, you won’t have to break a nail trying to rewind music by hand.

Next is the Photoroid iPhone skin, which looks just like a classic Polaroid camera. It doesn’t offer any protection other than a thin barrier from light surface scratches, but it is very snazzy. Via Gizmodo

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