Accessory Review: Dynex TPU Case for iPad

The Dynex TPU case caught my attention because of its relatively cheap price tag of $20.99. This was a bargain in comparison to most other cases which cost double or sometimes more. However, I was concerned about the quality of the case that I would be getting in return. I ultimately went ahead with the purchase knowing that I was backed by a 30 day return policy. After using the case for some time, I can now assess whether my penny-pinching antics were worth it.


The case is available in three color choices of black, translucent white, and pink. All color choices feature a striped vertical pattern on the back side of the case. The case makes use of thermoplastic polyurethanes (or TPU) plastic which allows the case to be transparent, flexible, and resistant to oils, grease, and abrasion. This has allowed for minimal fingerprints on my case since I began using it.

Dynex TPU Case

The case is slim and does not add a lot of bulk to your iPad. After applying the case, my iPad was still able to fit in my Griffin A-Frame stand. The case has a nice feel to it but does not provide much extra grip. On the front side of the case is a lip that covers all four sides of the iPad. There are appropriate openings for the speakers, dock connector, headphone jack, microphone, and mute button.

The volume rocker and sleep/wake (power) button are both covered by a thin layer of plastic. This makes the buttons harder to push which becomes a nuisance when trying to adjust your volume or enter recovery mode.



Due to the soft nature of the case, the iPad is not protected as much as it would be by a harder plastic. However, it does protect against scratches and regular wear and tear. As long as you are not concerned about dropping your device from extreme heights, the Dynex TPU is protective enough.

Dock Connector and Speakers

On the upside, the soft plastic casing will not scratch the device itself. You do not have to worry about scratching your iPad while putting this case on and you can slide your device across hard surfaces worry-free.

While this case has a lip that embraces all sides of the iPad, it offers no other front side protection. The home button and entire front bezel are left exposed. In the event that you were to drop your iPad from a large height, there’s a more than probable chance that your screen will crack. To be fair, there are not too many other cases that can protect against drops from these heights.

Case Openings

The openings for all necessary ports and buttons are small and provide minimal room for scratches and dust to collect. Buttons that are unnecessary to be left ‘naked’ (such as the volume rocker) are covered by the case.


Other Aspects

This case does not interfere with playing games, typing, or other uses of the screen. Both my standard Apple and JVC headphones fit the headphone jack without any fuss. My Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity also seem to be unaffected by this case. No screen protector or any other accessories are included with the product.


Final Thoughts

This case has met my expectations while saving me a few dollars at the same time. While it may not be the most protective case available, it’s sleek, stylish, and affordable. If you plan on buying a case in the $20 range, I recommend looking into this case.

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