iPod Nano DFU Mode Discovered

The 6th generation Nano’s cache comparison was bypassed just a few days ago, allowing blank spaces to be created on the Springboard. Now, Steve Troughton-Smith has managed to get the new iPod Nano to enter what looks to be DFU mode, which is the first step (in an admittedly long checklist) to getting 3rd party applications to run on the miniature device. According to Troughton-Smith, the Nano has the same chipset (and therefore the same processing power) as the iPod Touch 2g—which is very odd to think about. Theoretically, it should be possible to run a game such as Rage.

So, basically, it seems we can send encrypted firmware files to the iPod, and have them execute, similar to what is used to jailbreak the iPhone. If the nano rejects the file (i.e. unsigned, invalid), it reboots.

While this by itself isn’t that cool, hopefully the info will inspire someone else to finally hack this thing and give us custom ‘apps’.

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