Rename Icons with Latest Cydia App Release

IconRenamer by Ryan Petrich enables users to rename icons on the Springboard.  Simply tap and hold the icon until in “jiggle” mode, then tap and hold again until the rename icon box appears.  This is a nice option for longer icon names.  I used it to personalize my auto dialer buttons.  Some may prefer Rename.  This app could interfere with other tweaks that use the tap and hold action, such as MultiIconMover.  Icon Renamer is free and requires iOS 4.0+.

For those who prefer not having to hit the small refresh arrow, Pull to Refresh Safari is now available.  It’s free and requires firmware 3.x or better, is compatible with iOS 4.x, and requires mobilesubstrate.  In case you missed it, there is also a Pull to Refresh Mail. 

RetinaPad claims to enable the retina display for most iPhone apps and retina-capable games running on the iPad.

Thanks to the devs for the tweaks!

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