WRITE & WIN | Interim Prizes | Week 1

The August Write & Win competition has drummed up huge interest.  We promised we’d be doing it differently this month so it’s time to drop a few prizes out for the stellar efforts we’ve seen from the member community & MR Team so far.

For prizes this week we have copies of some great games and a new Twitter app:

This Week’s Winners

FIRST PRIZES – Two Random Promo Codes Per Mention

SECOND PRIZES - One Random Promo Code Per Mention

[MR TEAM] PRIZES – One Random Promo Code Per Mention

Congratulations to all the first week’s winners!  We’ll be sending out site PMs with your prizes in the next 24 hours.  If you submitted a review and you haven’t received a prize then don’t fret, you haven’t missed out as all reviews written since August 3rd will be considered for prizes on a rolling basis until the end of August. We’ll have more prizes next week and then there’ll be a couple of larger overall prizes at the end of the month so please keep your quality reviews coming in.

Developers and manufacturers,  if you’d like to sponsor the App Store Review Competitions then please get in touch with studangerous.  If you would like us to consider your app or product for review by the our official Review Team then please see the guidelines here.
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