RIM Believed Original iPhone Was a Bluff

According to an ex-RIM employee, the Blackberry team thought that the original iPhone was a fabrication when it was first unveiled in 2007. They believed that the iPhone “couldn’t do what [Apple was] demonstrating without an insanely power hungry processor, it must have terrible battery life“, and had multiple hands-on meetings the day after the device was announced.

Imagine their surprise [at RIM] when they disassembled an iPhone for the first time and found that the phone was battery with a tiny logic board strapped to it.

Employees at Microsoft reported that the Redmond company had a similar reaction.

RIM is still rushing to catch-up to Apple with the Storm and Torch smartphones, which have had less than stellar sales, but the company also wishes to take on the iPad with the BlackBerry PlayBook. Microsoft and Google have managed to build worthy contenders, but companies like Nokia and RIM still been to be holding onto last-gen technology.

As Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“.


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