SnakeDOS – A new breed of gaming.

A friend recommended his friend’s new app to me. He said it was called ‘SnakeDOS’ and “it’s totally MS-DOS…” At first, I was worried that I needed to know some kind of Command Line code or something to play it, but I recieved an pre-release beta the other day and I’ve been playing it every day since – It is a new breed of gaming on the App Store!

The game sports a fetching menu system which brings out the inner geek in you, with command prompt interfaces – Simple to navigate through, but look complicated and retro. There’s even a scrolling effect when you choose a menu item, which mimics the effect on any PC/Mac/Linux command prompt.

The game options are “One Player” or “Two Players.” Single player mode has 10 levels, which each increase the difficultly. You advance the levels by collecting the numbers 1-9, and making your snake grow (which also increases the difficulty of the gameplay!) The controls are simple too, imprinted on the background of the level. Just touch the relevant area of the screen and you’ll move in that direction – And this has been achieved without obscuring your view of play at all. I had no difficulties navigating my snake with these controls.

There are also three difficulties for Beginners and Expert snake players. Fast is a challenge, especially on the more advanced levels!

The defining feature of the game, however, is the Two Player game mode. Turn on Bluetooth on two devices (any iPhone or iPod Touch 2G [or 3G]) and then make one of you the host, and the other a guest. Then you’ll have the game on each of your screens! You control one of the two snakes on screen, and the idea is to kill the other snake – Whether that’s making them crash into the wall, or collide into your massive snake’s body. You can play all 10 levels in this game mode, so you can also get the idea of the difficulty of levels you’ve never played yet! (I did, in my video below)

And that’s the game! Short and sweet, but definitely the best Snake game I’ve ever played on the iPhone platform – And the most aesthetically pleasing too. You can check out my video of it below:

  • Presentation & Graphics – 4.5/5
    • [rating:4.5/5]
  • Audio – 4/5
    • [rating:4/5]
  • Gameplay & Controls – 4.5/5
    • [rating:4.5/5]
  • Replay Value – 3.5/5
    • [rating:3.5/5]
  • Value For Money
    • N/A yet – No actual price defined.

    Overall – 4/5

    • [rating:overall/5]
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