App Review: Chop Chop Hockey

Chop Chop HockeyChop Chop Hockey (iTunes link), $0.99 USD, is one of three sports games created by Gamerizon, a Montreal-based independent developing group for the App Store and other platforms. Gamerizon has made Chop Chop Hockey, with its unique gameplay, a game of its own league. We’ll be looking at the application’s menus and graphics, audio, controls and game play, replay value, and value for its money. The overall score will be based on all five of these categories, averaging them out to the nearest tenth.

Menus and Graphics:

The menus in Chop Chop Hockey are clean and to-the-point. The menu itself is composed of big buttons that are hard to miss and simple to understand. The menu features quick navigation and everything seems to be where it needs to be. Except for the fact that some of the game options (like length and difficulty of the game) can only be edited before the game, after choosing teams, everything with the menus is perfect. They should also have a copy in the actual settings Menu. The graphics in the game are easily described in 3 words: Humorous, simple, and entertaining. Although there is little attention to detail, it all just works graphically. It keeps all the graphics clean and smooth. It also gives the game an arcade feel. The menus and graphics are soft on the eyes and just fun to watch and look at. Even though there is one small problem with the menus, they won’t hurt the score that much in this category.

Right click on ‘View Image’ for a full-size look.

Score: 4.5 / 5


When you start the game, you are given some nice, quicker-paced rock music to listen to get you in the mood for some hockey. The guitar overrides everything you hear. It sets the tone for the actual gameplay. The sound effects are cheery, fun, and fit the arcade style. They help fit together the arcade game style and are humorous at first. The game also supports custom iPod soundtracks, but still allows sound effects to go through, this is definitely a plus as it allows the user to jam to their own music while slapping in the goals. The developers do not get lazy when it comes to audio. There is a sound effect for everything, and a basic BGM. With all this hard work, they deserve a perfect five.

Score: 5 / 5

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay and controls of this game is the only one of its kind. Arcade is not the first thing you think of when you think about sports games in the App Store. No other company in the App store has this style of gaming. The controls are easy to adapt to and feel so natural. There are no buttons for controls on the screen. There is no analog stick(s) to use. Just lots of fast tapping and swiping allow you to check, move and shoot your ways through this fun, quick game. The gameplay is a fast-paced arcade style that you can pickup and play at any time.

No buttons or analog sticks present, you see everything, nothing cluttering the screen up. Good clean controls.

The fast-paced gameplay makes it so much fun to play allowing the user to drop directly into game. Even people who don’t like hockey will love this game. The replays after each goal are a nice, fun touch to the game. The replays are shown from just about every angle imaginable and look great. Just a little something extra Gamerizon added to this game to make it worth its buck.

Replays add a short, fun-filled break to the game.

Another angle showing a win in sudden death.

This is not a hockey simulation sports game. That can be shown by the screen shots. The arcade gaming style works wonders for this game making it more action-packed and entertaining than ever. Everything works perfectly and feels natural from the touch to the swipe. Just perfectly fun gameplay.

Score: 5 / 5

Replay Value:

The game offers a lot, but not everything in terms of replay value:

  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • 2 modes of play: single and tournament (one tourney per difficulty)
  • Really addictive, and never gets boring. Once you start playing, you’ll finish and play again.

This is a really great pick-up-and-play game where you do just that. You can set the game to go from 1 minute up to 5. Quick, time-killing fun to make waiting for anything (work, on hold on the phone, etc.) that much more enjoyable.

However, it’s not perfect. I would like to see some way to do some multiplayer, either local or online. It’s sister-application, Chop Chop Tennis, does have multiplayer functionality. Hopefully this will be brought to Chop Chop Hockey in a future update. But until then, replay value takes a hit.

Score: 4 / 5

Value for Money:

Chop Chop Hockey is a steal for 99 cents. It seems as if Gamerizon likes to keep sales high, so the games price has continuously fluctuated from $2.99 to $0.99. I do see this game becoming free (for a limited time) in the future as all of their previous games have.

The game is:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • The only game of its kind in the App Store
  • Filled with content
  • Kills hours of time
  • Has a low, low price of 99 cents

Score: 5 / 5

Final Thoughts and Overall Score:

Chop Chop Hockey is a fun-filled, action-packed, fast-paced game that has controls that are natural to the touch, literally. The game is a buck on the App Store and well worth its price. A must have for any hockey fan or arcade sports fan. You’ll be sure to kill hours of time while playing this game.

Gamerizon has made a really high-quality game that, in my opinion, hasn’t received enough [or any] time in a spotlight. It isn’t as well known as titles like: Modern Combat, NOVA, Real Racing, Infinity Blade, etc; but it offers the same amount of quality game play.

Overall Score: 4.7 / 5

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