What could come on September the 9th?

September the 9th has been announced as the “Rock and Roll” event. Rumours have been flying everywhere for months, so let’s have a round-up of what COULD be expected in 9 days time.

Beatles on iTunes?

Coincidently, The Beatles Rock Band is released on the 09/09/09 too – And Apple Corps (the record company) are also re-releasing the entire Beatles remastered catalogue on the 9th as well. This new flurry of Beatles songs might hit iTunes on the day EMI and Apple Corps release them.

iPod Touch 3G?

Last September, Apple announced the 2G iPod Touch – so what’s stopping them from releasing the third iteration a year down the line? Alleged “leaked” images have been “released” showing an iPod Touch (similar shape to the 2G) with a camera attached. People are adamant that there’ll be a camera and built-in microphone on this next iPod Touch.

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iPod Classic? Nano? Shuffle?

The Shuffle already has had a recent update, so I’m fairly confident there won’t be a new version of this. However, iPod stocks in stores have been discontinued, and that includes the Shuffle as well… Also, there’s been pictures of iPod Nano cases with a hole in the bottom, for a camera, and people are hoping for price drops on the Classic. However, TUAW recently posted that the Classic might in fact be getting a camera too. Who knows? Let’s just throw a camera on the Shuffle as well…

Apple Tablet?

The Photoshopped images have been around, everyone’s been talking about it, but although it’s a dead cert – I personally don’t think they’d announce this at a music event (which is what September the 9th is) so expect it in 2010 :(

Steve Jobs?!

Let’s wait and see. :)

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