Back Away From the iPhone

There has been quite a bit of Apple related crime lately, but this latest story has to be the most perplexing. 20 year old Jerome Taylor attempted to stick up an Indian restaurant… with an iPhone. (Sadly, he didn’t even bother to download iGun.)

He entered the restaurant demanding money, but the cooks proceeded to grab knives, at which point Taylor said that he was only kidding and just needed money for his child. He then fled the scene, but was caught a short time later by police. Feeling sorry for him, the restaurant staff asked the police to not press charges, but he was charged with “attempted robbery and interfering with an officer” regardless.

Taylor was gone by the time police arrived, but they caught up with him a short time later. Officers said Taylor confessed to the crime, but told them he didn’t have a gun, but used an iPhone.


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