Financial Times: Steve Jobs “Person of the Year”

Financial Times has named Jobs “Person of the Year” for his influence at Apple. His obsessive attention to detail is cited as a important factor to his success, as well has his ability to innovate in existing markets. Say what you will about him, but Jobs has shaped the tech world more than nearly anyone, and computers certainly wouldn’t be what they are today without him.

A rebuttal of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s much-quoted aphorism that there are no second acts in American life does not come more decisively than this. When Steven Paul Jobs first hit the headlines, he was younger even than Mark Zuckerberg is now. Long before it was cool to be a nerd, his formative role in popularising the personal computer, and Apple’s initial public offering on Wall Street – which came when Mr Jobs was still only 25 – made him the tech industry’s first rock star.

For all that, Mr Jobs has set a daunting standard for rivals. “They have no predators at this point,” says Mr McNamee. “I think they could bring out a dishwasher and people would buy it.”

Steve Jobs was also commended by President Obama in a speech on Wednesday as being a prime example of the “American Dream”.

Just don’t let it go to your head, Jobso.

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