RTR: Christmas Edition

Manic Nimrod has given us another excellent RTR (Recent Themes Release), which highlights some of the best themes out there for your iDevice!

Un-named HD by Supertod

Here’s what Manic has to say:

My first RTR was back in June 2009, since then a few other members have contributed to RTR posts, the latest being jmwerkus, I thank him for updating the community with an RTR. I would love keep this going a monthly from now on. (although some of you will remember how bad I get with releases :P )

With the front page being a hive of activity for all things Apple, its a perfect opportunity to get your work showcased.

For any new comers, RTR is a front page segment which showcases the latest springboard skin, music theme or any other graphic element change on the iOS eco-system which have been well received by the community. So onwards with the xmas edition of RTR.

Hit the read link to see screenshots to all of the themes in this RTR!

Click on the images to go to their corresponding threads!

iScan Lockscreen by maxxdout

iDivinorumHD by SchmilK

iTunes MP HD by seanG

June by iMicky

Un-named HD by Supertod

Option HD by JackT09

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