Apple’s Fail Update Rejection

Apple have definetely rejected some promising apps for ridiculous reasons in the past. This adds to the ever growing list.

ConvertBot by TapBots is a brilliant converting app. In fact, it’s my favourite. Graphically, it’s sublime: and it’s full of functionality. It has also been in the App Store for some time, you may remember studangerous saying that it had reduced its price to “free” in a previous article.

It had the 1.4 update submitted to the App Store recently – But 2 weeks later, was rejected by Apple. Why, you ask? Take a look at the images below.


Yes. ConvertBot’s time convert icon is similar to Apple’s Recent Calls icon. In what sense? They are both clocks showing 3 o’clock?! What the hell, Apple? That’s like trying to copyright 3:00 pm and am.

But what’s worse is that all previous versions of ConvertBot had this icon – it’s taken Apple up to version 1.4 to even notice, and then have the nerve to penalise the devs for it.

Mark Jardine of Tapbots wrote on the blog “So what’s the plan? I need to redo the icon, I suppose. But Convertbot icons were meant to use as little lines/shapes as possible to identify the category. I feel that our current icon represents time as simply as possible. So how can we make Time different? What if it’s set at 9 o’clock instead of 3? Is that acceptable? The big problem here is the only way I can get that answer is by making the change, resubmitting the app, and waiting another week or 2 for Apple’s verdict.”

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