Artist Seeks Retribution Against Defenseless Apple Products

Warning: This Post Contains Graphic Images. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

When artist and ex-Apple employee Michael Tompert’s two children started fighting over iPod Touches, he decided that the best way to resolve the situation was to violently and mercilessly smash them on the ground. He claimed “It was supposed to make them happy but it didn’t. I wanted to show them it was a just a thing. They were stunned. The whole house was silent that day.

After seeing the helpless goods take their last breath of lithium, he decided that gutting gadgets creating art from technology would be a productive way to spend the next year of his life, and 12LVE was born.

The artist is attempting to comment on the unnatural obsession with Apple products—and material objects in general—by destroying them. Though, he bought all the products new, thereby continuing the vicious cycle of consumerism. Good going there Tomperto.

Check out the full set after the break, and hit the source for more information about the process.

[Cult of Mac]

[Cult of Mac]

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