Indie Developers Band Together for a $0.99 Sale, Give One-Third to Charity

‘Tis the season of giving, and some of the most prominent indie developers on the App Store are certainly doing just that by selling their games at the discounted price of $0.99, and giving a third of all profits to the charity known as Child’s Play.

What games are participating? Canabalt, Solipskier, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Osmos, Eliss, and Drop7 round out the list. It’s good to see developers of some very high-quality games being so charitable, both by lowering their games’ cost, and by donating 33% of the revenue.

Only able to get one? My recommendation would be Osmos, a physics game based around a simple goal: become the largest molecule. The graphics are nothing short of beautiful, and the gameplay can easily last for hours.

There’s still more, though: the developers of each game have put up some freebies, including wallpapers (both 320×480 and 960×640), ringtones, and even a copy of the Canabalt soundtrack. You can find all of that here.


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