New Redsn0w to Allow ‘Untethering’ of Current Jailbreaks with One Click

Musclenerd, part of the team hard at work getting an untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak out to the public, has confirmed that there will be an option to go from a tethered jailbreak (achievable with the current version of redsn0w) to an untethered jailbreak with just one click. Musclenerd confirmed that this was one of their goals in the next release via Twitter:

@jkurtz87 it shouldn’t require a restore…just another redsn0w run. (That’s the goal!)

That response was directed to this question:

@MuscleNerd like if your tethered now can new redsn0w when released make untethered or fully restore (which is best choice)

All of this comes mere days before the rumored release of the new redsn0w, which will incorporate one of Comex‘s brilliant ‘user-land’ exploits into the jailbreak, making an untethered jailbreak for all current iOS devices. Remember to keep it here for all the news regarding this jailbreak!

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