What to Expect from Apple in 2011

Computerworld has put together a speculative schedule for possible product releases in 2011. Nothing is concrete by any means, but judging by Apple’s product release cycles in the past, the agenda is probably quite accurate. Some predictions seem a little far-fetched, such as iTunes syncing with Android, and an Android app emulator for iOS, but Apple has always been known for that “One more thing“.


  • Mac App Store opens for business
  • Apple introduces the iPad 2.0 — faster, thinner, new cameras, shipping “by April”.
  • Apple reports Q1 results — confirm huge Mac sales growth, stellar iPad sales and extremely strong iPhone statistics.
  • iWork 11 makes App Store debut.
  • News Corp. ships ‘The Daily’ magazine

Hit the source for the rest, and let us know in the comments what you think will be different.


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