Capcom Adds Warning About in App Purchases for Smurfs

A few days after our post about the problems parents were having with in app purchases, the Associated Press ran their own story about the Smurfberry issue. In response to complaints, Capcom has now added a warning to parents within the game.  The warning is in addition to the disclaimer found in the game’s App Store description.

Children have been able to purchase wheelbarrows of Smurfberries, at $59.99 per barrow, due to a loophole in the Apple iOS.  If an iTunes account password has been entered within the last 15 minutes, the user can make in app purchases without reentering the password.  Parents can easily download a free app and hand the iOS device over to their child, unaware they are also handing them a blank check for the next quarter of an hour.

The Associated Press reports that most parents who have complained to Apple have been pleasantly surprised to receive reimbursements.  A video of the AP story can be found here:

[Associated Press]

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