Apple Bringing Voice Commands to iOS?

Judging by a new set of job openings, Apple is looking to develop some sort of voice recognition software for iOS. The jobs call for professionals who have experience with Google Voice Search, Nuance (the creators of Dragon Dictation), and other voice-search tools. The most likely possibility for such an engineer is an Android-like voice command system, where users can say key phrases to perform certain actions.

Google also uses its powerful voice recognition system for their voicemail service, but it is unlikely that Apple will try to compete in this space.

  • Experience developing speech recognition systems
  • Speech recognition research experience, running experiments and finding innovative ways of improving quality of speech recognition systems

Voice commands are especially useful when driving, and a dedicated application would be an excellent addition to iOS. A number of 3rd party voice command apps currently exist, but they can never have the full functionality of a baked-in system.

Apple is becoming more and more competitive with Google, and it seems that Apple is trying to “fill in the gaps” between iOS and Android.

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