Stream Media from a Mac to an Apple TV using AirFlick

Just a few days ago, Erica Sadun created AirPlayer, an application that allows users to stream media from an iOS device to a Mac. Now, she has created an application that allows users to stream media from a Mac to an Apple TV (without iTunes). Just drag and drop a media file—or even a video URL from sites like YouTube—and hit play.

AirFlick, like its cousin AirPlayer, is in the early alpha stages, so it may not work perfectly. It does not require modification to the Apple TV.

How to Add Live Conversion to Erica Sadun’s AirFlick App

Ok, by doing this hack, you can stream ANY video format sitting on your Mac to your AppleTV. I’m testing out an mkv file right now, and it works like a charm!

  • Download the unofficial Mac AirVideo client here. Start playback of a video using live conversion from within this unofficial client, it should hand off the streaming video to Quicktime X.
  • Inspect the stream by viewing the Movie Inspector (check the “Window” menu for Quicktime). Write down that url.
  • Paste that url into Erica Sadun’s Airflick app and boom now your AppleTV can basically play any video you throw at it! Looking forward to someone streamlining the process into a neat little app.


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