Motorola’s CES 2011 ‘Tablet Evolution’ Teaser

Motorola has a history of mocking Apple products in advertisements, and their latest video takes the term “teaser” rather literally. In the advert, the camera pans around a museum, showing famous tablets from history (Ten Commandments, Rosetta Stone, etc) and pointing out the flaws in each. It hits a particularly tender nerve with the iPad, calling it a “a giant iPhone“.

Motorola goes on to bash the Samsung Galaxy Tab, saying it uses “Android OS… for a phone“. Both the tablet varieties of iOS and Android have done little to differentiate themselves from their phone counterparts, and Motorola is using this to their advantage.

Google will be releasing Android “Honeycomb” within the next few months, which is designed to run on tablets—not phones. At the end of the commercial, a bee flies around a suspiciously tablet-like object covered by a drape, suggesting that Motorola’s upcoming tablet will run Google’s latest OS.

[Engadget] Video

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