WakeMate Now Available

After months of waiting, and many false starts, WakeMate is now shipping to the public. WakeMate is an accessory/app combo that reduces morning grogginess by waking the user at the “optimal wake point” (up to 20 minutes prior to the desired time).

The wristband monitors body movements using actigraphy, and sends the data to the connected phone. The phone charts your sleep cycles, and determines the best time to wake the user up. The analytics are automatically uploaded to the online Wakelytics system for later review.

Together, the WakeMate® wristband and application help you wake up feeling refreshed. Our Wakelytics™ analytics platform optimizes your waking hours by automatically analyzing your sleep and illuminating personal habits that affect your sleep.

WakeMate is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry, and costs $59.99. It has been getting a lot of attention on Hacker News, where some users have been able to beta test the product, and attest that it works as-advertised.

[WakeMate] FAQ

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