Skyfire for iPad Demo

Skyfire, the Flash-slaying iPhone browser, is headed to the iPad. In addition to its ability to convert and play Flash videos, the iPad version has a few handy social features built in. On the bottom toolbar, there are a row of buttons that quickly launch the mobile versions of popular sites in an unobtrusive popup, so you can quickly check up on social news from within the browser. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Fireplace (which is just the links stripped from your Facebook news feed), “Popular Pages”, a universal “Like” button, and a “share” feature. The page you are currently on can continue to load while viewing these mini sites, so it’s an excellent way to meta-browse.

Demo video:

Most of the annoying quirks seem to be ironed out, but I would still wait for the reviews to come in before plopping down $5.


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