Apple Creating Navigation Software to Rival Google?

A recent set of job postings at Apple HQ suggests that they plan to develop a native navigation application for iOS. Android users have been able to take advantage of Google’s free navigation service since last year, but the only options available on iOS are expensive 3rd party apps like TomTom.

Valuable knowledge:
* Deep knowledge of Computational Geometry or Graph Theory
* Experience with Linux server-side development of distributed systems
* Experience developing navigation software

A navigation app baked into iOS would be an excellent addition, but there have been rumors that Apple plans to ditch Google Maps altogether in favor of an in-house solution. It would be a tough uphill battle to compete with the established Google Maps service, but Apple has a history of wanting to be in control–even if it means starting from scratch. (Well, not quite.)

Apple will no doubt release a quality product, but the recently updated Google Maps 5 app for Android will be incredibly hard to beat.

[Apple Insider]

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