Cydia Tweak Beats Apple to the Punch – Again

When I read the news story that Patently Apple had discovered a patent for spiral cover flow, I thought the idea seemed familiar.  Within the past week, a similar tweak had been released in Cydia.  The tweak, called IconSpiral, reshapes the icon grid of the Springboard into a spiral. 

The Apple vision is on the left and the reality of IconSpiral is on the right.  To achieve the effect, it is recommended that you uninstall Barrell and Infiniboard.  Add the repository  Install IconSpiral.  Some users report having to add their UDID to the repo’s website.  View a video of the tweak in action here.

Be warned.  The tweak is a prototype.  According the author: “There is no “support” for any software on this repository, you are a guinea pig….if you get into an infinite loop crash cycle, make sure you have ssh turned on before you install….there are bugs.” 

[Patently Apple]

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