iDealCase Cubic Series

The iDealCase Cubic Series is a silicone case for the iPod touch 2g. As with most silicone cases, you shouldn’t expect this case to protect your iPod from extreme conditions. The design however, makes up for the loss of protection when it comes to silicone cases. On the inside of the case are small etchings which create a unique cubic design on the back of the case. You will still be able to see your Apple logo and “iPod” text on the back, and the case wraps around to meet directly with the bezel. There are both black and white (translucent) models available for purchase.

I’ve experienced minor issues with the case being too tight, and pushing my screen protector off of my screen. The case does however, allow you to freely access your screen without interference from the case. It also protects your backing from those nasty looking scratches, minor dents, and fingerprints. The volume rocker and power buttons are both covered with hardly noticeable physical out-juts. The 30-pin connector is open on the bottom, and you should be able to plug in most chargers and accessories. The headphone jack is tightly cut out, so you may have trouble with larger headphone plug-ins.

Overall, the case has met my expectations for a thin silicone case that it is. There are some minor issues that need to be fixed such as the tightness and pressing on screen protectors (if you have one), and the small headphone jack opening. The design is a major bonus and the physical buttons are easily accessible. If you feel the need for a lightweight, light protection silicone case, definitely consider the Cubic Series.

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