Clear iSpot $20 Today

Clear’s iSpot 4G mobile hotspot is on sale for $20 today, down from the regular price of $99. Service is $25/month for unlimited bandwidth, with no speed cap. Clear is the 4G provider for Sprint’s WiMAX, and offers download speeds that come impressively close to WiFi.

Get more out of your iPad™, iPod Touch®., and iPhone®. with our blazing fast unlimited 4G coverage and the CLEAR iSpot (for just $20). Your Apple mobile devices just got sweeter.
  • Unlimited data with blazing down- and upload speeds.
  • 2 CLEAR email addresses included.
  • Mobile coverage for one user.
  • No contract needed.

If you’re looking to transform your iPod Touch into a makeshift iPhone, or use your WiFi iPad like the 3G model it always wanted to be, check out the iSpot. Mobile hotspots are a huge help if you travel a lot, and are available from most networks. Pricing may vary depending on the carrier, but $25 per month for 4G is a killer deal if you’re lucky enough to have a tower near you.

4G towers are still being rolled out across the US, so make sure to check availability in your area first.

[Clear] Thanks 42395_skyline!

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