Apple Expects to Quadruple iPad Sales

If DigiTimes’ latest report is accurate, then Apple is extremely optimistic about the iPad 2. Sources say that Apple expects to order 6 million iPad 2s per month, a massive increase over current orders of 4 million per quarter. Of course, with this much demand, Apple will have to ramp up supply, so they have reportedly added two additional touch panel suppliers to their payroll.

Apple’s orders of iPad 2 are expected to top six million units a month compared to a volume of four million units a quarter for the current version, pushing Apple to expand the number of touch panel suppliers, the sources noted.

The original iPad had supply shortages when LG couldn’t keep up with the demand for displays, so preemptively distributing the source of touch panels is a good move on Apple part.

DigiTimes has also debunked the rumors of a 7 inch iPad (not that Jobs ever liked the idea anyway).


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