NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to Apple TV?

A market research survey sent out by Direct TV suggests that their popular NFL Sunday Ticket service will be making its way to internet-connected devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee. This would be an important step forward for users looking to completely sever satellite or cable subscriptions.

The various pricing plans outlined are:

$19.99 per each weekend you choose to subscribe, no contract.

$49.99 per month for the entire 5 month NFL season, or free if you already subscribe to the regular satellite plan. (This option is $150 cheaper than the $19.99 plan if you watch every weekend.)

$39.99 per month for the entire 5 month NFL season, or $9.99 if you already subscribe the to regular satellite plan. (This plan offloads the price to existing subscribers, and favors customers who don’t have an existing satellite subscription.)

It’s unknown when Direct TV will be officially announcing this service, or which plans will be offered.


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