We are now iFans

Over the years (yes, it’s hard to believe, but it has been more than three years), our community has evolved to cover more than just the iPod touch. We now have healthy numbers of discussions about the other iOS devices, even including the Apple TV. What’s more, we are seeing our Android section starting to take off, and the number of new entrants to the tablet and smartphone markets means our discussions will grow broader. Changing the name to Multi-touch Fans was an attempt to adapt to this evolution, but it didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. At the same time, many began resorting to using acronyms like IPTF to refer to the site, since iPod touch Fans wasn’t too short either.

Changing the name to iFans solves this practical problem while also giving us room to grow as more devices and topics grab our attention.┬áBecause many of you are long-time loyal fans of the site, I know the change will come as a bit of a shock at first, but I’m confident that once the shock wears off, most will agree that this change is a great investment in our future growth as a community. For technical reasons, we are not yet moving all of the content to the ifans.com domain, but typing in ifans.com or ifans.com/forums will bring you to the right place, and it’s a heck of a lot shorter than what we have right now. Once the switch is made, all of your old links and bookmarks will continue to work, so we’ve got it covered.

Overall, I’m very excited by the growth the site has seen over the years, and I think this is a good way to start our fourth year of operation.

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