Antid0te Presentation at POC 2011

Stefan Esser, the man behind the upcoming Antid0te tool, has released the slides from his “Adding ASLR to jailbroken iPhones” presentation. If you understand the nitty gritty of computer security and exploitations, it should be an interesting read. If not, just know that Antid0te is designed to make your device more secure against malicious software by randomizing the memory addresses of program resources. It is not a jailbreak in itself, but rather a tool to be used in conjunction with various jailbreaks.

The Antid0te site has been updated with a FAQ which covers the basics, and explain the implications.

Will Antid0te destroy the possibility of future jailbreaks?

Well first of all antid0te by itself will be installed AFTER you jailbreak your device, so that it does not affect the jailbreaking process at all. However in the long run the existence of antid0te might trigger Apple to finally add ASLR to factory iPhones. However Apple’s current iOS 3/4 design decisions make adding ASLR a not so simple task. Therefore it will take them some time to achieve that. I strongly suspect 2011 to become the year of wide spread mobile phone malware/worms. So Apple will have to add it at some point. However only time will tell. So yes, if antid0te causes a faster ASLR release for factory iPhones it will make jailbreaking harder in the future. However I strongly believe that a more secure factory iPhone is more important than a somewhat easier jailbreaking process.

Antid0te is set to be released on December 24th, and work with all 4.2.1 devices.

[Antid0te] Slides (PDF direct link)

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