iPhone to Mac AirPlay Coming Soon

Erica Sadun (the programmer who first enabled AirPlay in 3rd party apps) has further eliminated Apple’s AirPlay restrictions by devising a method for streaming content directly from an iOS 4.2 device to a Mac.

via @EricaSadun

OMG OMG OMG FINALLY! Got it working… AirPlay from iPhone to Mac. Whee!

Ended up having to go down pretty deep in the socket level down to NSFileHandle but not raw sockets.

Will write it up (along with the Mac 101 I owe @MikeTRose) but I have to feed kids, shower from bike ride, maybe sleep

We will likely see an update with the full details posted at TUAW within the next few days, and a pre-packaged tweak will probably find its way into Cydia shortly after. It’s great to see that the developer community is taking the service to the next level.

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