Preview: Cock-a-Doodle Inc.

Picture 013Cock-A-Doodle Inc. is a new time management/tycoon game by Minoraxis that is expected to be released very soon.  We got our hands on a pre-release version of this finger-licking fun-fest to have a look at the game before it goes live on the App Store.

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The game is a deep and undeniably manic look at the macro and micro management aspects of running a fried chicken chain, vertically integrated all the way from the initial egg hatchery, via the growers and processing to the final fast-food retail outlet. There’s also everything in between and then some more.

After playing through the ad-hoc build for the last few days I’m on the 17th mission of the 19 ‘tutorial type’ mission stages that I have opened so far, each of which has led me through one or more new aspects of the chicken farming business.  The game is loaded with macro-management features that allow you to upgrade facilities, set retail outlet promotional campaigns etc., but also keeps you constantly busy micro-managing smaller tasks at the individual facilities, such as shaking out feed bags to get the most out of your chicken feed supply, emptying used cooking oil vats, maintaining optimum grow-out barn temperature and keeping the egg hatcheries properly sterilised. The developer blurb promises new bonus stages and modes on completion of the game so it looks to have a good deal of content to keep you occupied.

The game is played over four key areas: the farm, the grow-out-house, the fried chicken store and Chickenville HQ.  Each mission is spent flicking back and forth between these areas to effectively manage production timings, while expanding the business, creating efficiency and managing employees and events.  The game is full of intricacies that build and build throughout the mission stages and you’ll find yourself jumping backward and forth between the areas in an effort to properly manage each towards achieving the mission goals by the set deadline.

If you like tycoon or management games then this is definitely worth a look in as it’s one of the most involved and well designed games in the genre that I’ve played on the iDevice.


Cock-a-Doodle Inc. has been submitted to the App Store and is expected to land soon. The app works on iDevices with firmware 2.2 and above and the price point has been set at $3.99.

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