Put Your iPad on Lockdown

Taking the iPad to a coffee shop, sitting down with a latte, and reading an e-book is one of my favorite leisure time activities.  The inevitable dilemma occurs when I need to step away from my table to pick up my order, get a refill, or browse the shelves.  Do I surrender my primo table and pack up all my belongings, or do I leave it behind and hope no one snatches my iPad? 

A new security device solves the quandry.  The iPad Lock, offered by Maclocks, is an integrated clear case with built-in stand and cable lock which secures your iPad.  Once installed, merely loop the cable around a table leg or chair back and your iPad is protected against theft.

The case and lock retails for $64.95 and includes a screen protector.  It’s pricey, but will provide some peace of mind when out and about.

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